30816071376_117cb15986_oSelf-Taught Photographer & Aspiring Yoga Teacher.
Currently based in Switzerland.
Citizen of the world.
Born 1993. 

The idea to call myself a photographer did not come overnight. In fact, despite of earlier thoughts as a young teenager to become a journalist or a graphic designer, I never seriously considered it. Taking pictures has always seemed pretty natural to me, whether as a form of self-expression or simply to save precious moments for eternity.

Over time however I had slowly evolved my techniques and gained deeper knowledge, while building up enough confidence to show and offer my art to the world.

Almost all pictures in this portfolio are of spontaneous nature. I photograph my subjects comfortable in their own skin and in natural light to preserve the brilliance of raw emotions. And so there is a story behind every picture.


I have always been utterly fascinated by aesthetics. My earliest inspiration were the mystics of the universe, so I imagined how I would become an astronaut when I was older. I’ve spent hours watching through the telescope and reading about solar systems and far away galaxies, only to later learn about the disappointment that I absolutely lacked the the physical skills required by NASA from their space travellers.

But the beauties of our planet are likewise intriguing to me. I am very lucky to have learnt about foreign cultures since childhood thanks to my late father, a passionate traveller and storyteller, and my Balinese mother. I grew up with huge stacks of picture books, photo albums, arthouse movies and many cameras, all of which would shape my future passions.

At 15, I had to choose my future career path. I forgot about being an artist, because there were so many voices around and within me talking me out of it. The society I was getting my education in was so focused on money, security and financial stability that I incorporated those beliefs as well. Additionally, I totally lacked the self-confidence into my own artistic abilities, and so I decided to go down what appeared to be the safest and easiest path.

At 25, I had already dropped out of business school twice, where I was learning extensively about finance, accounting and profit maximization. To gain my living, I worked various jobs as a bartender, waitress or receptionist. Over and over I realised that it was not who I am and what I live for, and that it was killing my inspiration and even worse, my vitality slowly but surely.
What other options did I have? I tried getting into more creative & exciting jobs, but they either told me I lacked the expertise or didn’t pay me at all. I considered applying for art school, but the overall time, costs and efforts for the courses were just too much for me to bear. The circle of artists is small and exclusive here, and there was seemingly no space for me to fit in.
Additionally, I was fighting mental illnesses and the high pressures from friends & family around me. Many times, I was in despair and without will to continue my life any further.

And many times, art and travelling have saved me.

While travelling, I am in my element. When I’m with nothing but my backpack and my camera I feel the most complete. So I made it my priority to see new places and meet new people as often and as far away as possible. As soon as I had saved enough money, I was on my way, couchsurfing and hitchhiking whenever possible to stay on the road for as long as I could. Looking back, one could say that I was running away from home, seeking answers. I documented everything around me and started uploading my pictures to Facebook and Instagram. In doing so, I deepened my skills and received the approval I was thirsting for without even knowing that I had been drying out.

More importantly, I have met so many inspirational artist on the road, whose impact on my life was so profound that I sometimes think it may have been the universe itself talking to me through them. In fact, I’m pretty sure that every person is a key factor to who and where I am now. And I’m proud to say that most of these people and moments are represented in this portfolio – I owe everything to them.