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about the blog

I grew up in the 90ies, when you had to split up your internet time on the family computer with your dad and siblings and a few minutes of going online with your flip phone could cost your parents their monthly salary. I can clearly remember the childhood steps of Google and Youtube and how Myspace and MSN vanished and were replaced by Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s amazing how we are able to access all the human knowledge within a few clicks, and we got even more flexibel to do so with the invention of smartphones. This is why the internet has and will always fascinate me, so I spent a large part of my teenage years to discover all sides of it, making contacts, soaking up informations and discover the world, without having to get up of my chair. The internet has changed me a lot, it has helped to be who I am today – I wouldn’t be the same without it.

So at the age of 12 I discovered a new hobby: webdesign. I downloaded Gimp, joined some communities and started to fool around a little bit, colorizing and editing pictures, but I rapidly got better in it and had to switch to photoshop. To show off my skills to the whole wide world, I started my first blog. I would change the layout every few weeks and post some random stuff in it, but would eventually get bored of it and put it aside.

I continued for a little while though, but with private blogs, for noone to read but me, where I wrote down about my struggles as a teenager. Kind of like a diary. Everyone has their own manner to deal with becoming an adult – this was mine. But then time slipped out of my hands. I got busy with reminding myself daily on how to be an adult, so I gave up on blogging and would only read other blogs from time to time.

The urge to share my thoughts or things that are, in my eyes, not shared enough in public, has always been very strong. So finally, exactly ten years after I have started my first blog, here I am again.

about the name

It’s always the same struggle – whether it’s the name for your family on Sims, your WoW character or Professor Oak’s grandchild for the 29424 time you have restarted Pokémon – finding a name is never easy. The only I was sure of was that it has to be in French, even though I am never going to blog in that hell of a difficult, but insanely beautiful language (all those rules, accents and exceptions!). Bonheur – one of my favourite French words – is translated luck or happiness. I think I am very close to being perfectly, effortlessly happy, so I thought that Avant Bonheur – before happiness – would fit perfectly. (besides, all other names I have been interested in, we’re taken.)

about the bilinguality

German is my mother tongue and the language I very fond of in writing. Classic German literature is the best. However, I love expressing myself in English, too, some of the times, and as most of my friends and family member do not speak any German, I will stick to the language of the world most of the times.

By the way, critics are always very welcome:


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